Is Minecraft A Good Use Of Time?

Someone has recently posed a very interesting question. They posted an epic castle to the community and asked if this was a night well spent or not. The thread sparked a long conversation. The general consensus was that “Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time”. But we would like to guide you a little … Read more

Code For Lighting To Be Rewritten

Recently, Nathan Adams, or Dinnerbone as you are most likely to know him, Tweeted that “Clarification time: I’ve not given up on lighting completely. We’re going to rewrite it, I just gave up for this morning.” And since, as we all know, the Minecraft community has been thirsting for a revamping of the lighting system … Read more

Jeb Tweets about corner stairs!

Jeb has recently posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “Some effects of a corner stairs test,  Normal shapes behave as expected of course, but I’m not sure about this…” Since this announcement has been made my Jeb, the community has had a chance to come to a conclusion about how they feel about the … Read more

Food Source That Bites Back

Alright, so here is something that has been on our mind for a while now: so far, all the animals that drop meat just run away (and not very fast) when you hit them. We think it would addition an interesting lawyer to the game if there were some rich food source that took a … Read more

Theory: In Creative Mode, You Are Herobrine!

Think about it. Many, MANY people choose to just go around and build seemingly random and often symbolic structures. Most of us have a decent grasp of redstone and therefore build lots of traps. There is not one person who can’t say they have not/will not decimate a village. Preferably with TNT. You have powers … Read more

Mass Produce Feathers

This is something that Jeb has been talking about. He recently posted on his Twitter account that “sometimes when I play minecraft and want arrows, I find it hard to get a lot of feathers, even If I have a small rinky-dink chicken farm. Any ideas?” And to this one of his top followers offered … Read more

How to choose the best Minecraft server according to your requirement?

If you have the addiction of playing, the Minecraft games and you know the various servers provided by the Minecraft to have the perfect gaming in multiplayer mode. The experience of the gaming depends upon the type of server you have selected for gaming. The Minecraft servers are one of the best servers that can be used … Read more

Villagers not farming?

So I’m trying to make the fully auto crop farm. I have tested carrots and they seem to work fine – the villager farmer throws carrots at the villager and the hopper minecarts collect it. However, wheat does not work. I know they can make bread with the wheat and throw the wheat but after … Read more