How to choose the best Minecraft server according to your requirement?

If you have the addiction of playing, the Minecraft games and you know the various servers provided by the Minecraft to have the perfect gaming in multiplayer mode. The experience of the gaming depends upon the type of server you have selected for gaming. The Minecraft servers are one of the best servers that can be used by you to use of tricks that you have learned for the better game play. You should consider few vital points while choosing the best server as per your requirement.

Get knowledge about the entry fee

When you are planning to host any server, you should first examine the charges of entering into the server. Some server does not require any entry fees while some Minecraft servers charge the specific amount from you if you want to join any particular server. The issue is not concerned about the amount charged by them the problem is money you pay through the online transactions. There should be reasonable prices charged according to the features provided to you. You should be able to get best quality and experience according to the charges paid by you.

Have to check on traffic

When have choose some servers from the variety of servers available now you have to analyze the average number of players involved in that server daily. The server that provides quality experience will have high traffic in their spawn area, whereas less traffic will be noticed in the moderate quality of servers. The Minecraft servers give you details about their current traffic as some servers show their maximum traffic which maybe not similar to the current traffic.

Check technical requirement

This is the most crucial point you have to focus, as you will only able to join that server if the technical specifications of the server are compatible with the features of your computer system. The Minecraft servers are relevant only if your system can manage the lag time, tools, and time percentage required to operate the game. You should have the complete details regarding the technical requirements of the server, and it has been updated regularly on time. You should have customization on the server as per your requirement as it can face challenging to operate on the default settings.

Access about several servers

It is essential when you are in dilemma of choosing the best server for playing the games. They are plenty of websites that can assist you by providing you descriptive details about the best server. By accessing the various sites and links, you will get the complete information about the most popular and demanding server in the market. Several servers are just used for the sponsorship for some new brands. The Minecraft servers are best known for providing you real gaming experience with excellent themes. You should also get the knowledge of the various rules that are necessary to be followed while playing on the server; these can be seen in spawn area.

Villagers not farming?

So I’m trying to make the fully auto crop farm. I have tested carrots and they seem to work fine – the villager farmer throws carrots at the villager and the hopper minecarts collect it.

However, wheat does not work. I know they can make bread with the wheat and throw the wheat but after giving the farmer stacks of wheat, they don’t throw wheat or bread during their non working time.

So is there any other way to make fully automated farm? I need a lot of wheat to sell it on the servers I’m playing. But I don’t want to like farm it by hand as it takes a lot of time and it’s super annoying.

Minecraft Server Issues

I have been trying to create a hamachi Minecraft server for a couple of friends and me. Now the server is working but they have a problem when they connect.

They are just floating in the sky, and F3 says they are waiting for chunks to load. After a while, they are forcefully disconnected, so something must be wrong with internet.

I have been looking everywhere for a solution. I have done this in the past for mod packs and older versions of minecraft all the time, and I have never experienced this issue with Minecraft.

We have already made sure, double checked firewall permissions are in order, we are connected and can ping on hamachi server, so I just have no clue what the problem is.

Can low PCs connect to servers with no issues?

So I’ve just got an i9 9900k with 32 GB of ram. If I were to run a modded server, could my family connect to it with lower end PCs with little to no lag or issues?

Is there anything I can do to make them able to join issue free, obviously other than get them better computers?

How and what affects lag and FPS drops? I’ve read that’s the main issue with Minecraft. Can we use it with optifine? Should optfine be installed on server?

Minecraft 1.14 – villagers won’t pick up food

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve moved the villagers 200 blocks away from anything like beds or work stations, I’ve given them beds and work stations and taken beds and work stations away and everything in between.

No matter what I do they just refuse to pick up any food. I’m spawning them in in different spots just to test things and the only way I can get it to work is in a different world.