Is Minecraft A Good Use Of Time?

Someone has recently posed a very interesting question. They posted an epic castle to the community and asked if this was a night well spent or not. The thread sparked a long conversation. The general consensus was that “Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time”. But we would like to guide you a little deeper into this conversation, if you are so inclined to keep reading. Basically this question shouldn’t be asked because it implies that people can be judged for something that they enjoy.

Sorry if we’re starting a bit of a rant here, but it always annoys us when a person tries to tell another person they waste their time when doing something. Our time is pretty much the only thing we really have. Others can take it away from us, but we can always choose, in a way or form, how we divide our time up between different tasks. If what you enjoy is making magical castles in a distant world, where land is made of giant cubes, then all the more power to you! Especially seeing as most of the people who try and tell you that you are wasting your time spend most of theirs cramped behind a desk from 9 to 5, and probably will for years to come.

Keep building. Stay awesome.

Code For Lighting To Be Rewritten

Recently, Nathan Adams, or Dinnerbone as you are most likely to know him, Tweeted that “Clarification time: I’ve not given up on lighting completely. We’re going to rewrite it, I just gave up for this morning.” And since, as we all know, the Minecraft community has been thirsting for a revamping of the lighting system since… FOREVER, this caused a huge uproar in the community.

Actually, the thing that people were most exited about was the possibility of torches to be held in hand. There are a lot of people who are hoping that the lighting will merely be a bit smoother than it is, although its better than it used to be, the current lighting is a bit slow to update. People also are hoping that some nice effects will be added with the update. No one is not expecting real time shadows(although that would be great if done well) but hopefully a smoother system that is much faster.

So there you have it folks: the community is excited about the hope that the lighting system may still be revamped, and there is a lot of hope and not a lot of actual confidence that this will happen. For the meantime: keep your picks handy, it’s gona be a crafty ride!

Jeb Tweets about corner stairs!

Jeb has recently posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “Some effects of a corner stairs test,  Normal shapes behave as expected of course, but I’m not sure about this…”

Since this announcement has been made my Jeb, the community has had a chance to come to a conclusion about how they feel about the idea. The following comment, made my Failness, got over 300 upvote: “People like to do complex shapes with the current stairs. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to have the shape of a stair block change based on the blocks around it. Take fences in mineshafts for example. It doesn’t look right that they join with the walls of the tunnels. There will be similar unwanted things happening with stairs if they automatically turn into corner blocks.”

So based on this comment and the amount of positive feedback that it received from the community, it would seem that Jeb’s apprehension towards this idea was well placed. And when you really sit down and think about it, corner stair pieces would not add much to the game. We for hone have changed our stance on our opinion of this idea. We not think it would be best if this new idea were not added to the game. What do you guys think?

Food Source That Bites Back

Alright, so here is something that has been on our mind for a while now: so far, all the animals that drop meat just run away (and not very fast) when you hit them. We think it would addition an interesting lawyer to the game if there were some rich food source that took a bit of a fight to acquire.

We realize that you could technically eat the rotten flesh or eyeballs of your slain enemies, but that usually makes you sick. And it isn’t something we like to make Steve eat.

we are thinking of something like a deer, elk, moose, or caribou (really just a matter of size). It could be biome specific to one of the biomes that don’t have as much food handy, like the tundra. We don’t think that  it would respond to wheat, but might breed under other conditions, like after eating grass like sheep do.

It wouldn’t be hostile right off the bat, more evasive until it’s been attacked, like the ocelot. Once you’ve attacked it though, it would attack rapidly, possibly with the help of the herd, like zombie pigmen or wolves. Alternately, fighting one could just scare off all the others.

Theory: In Creative Mode, You Are Herobrine!

Think about it. Many, MANY people choose to just go around and build seemingly random and often symbolic structures. Most of us have a decent grasp of redstone and therefore build lots of traps. There is not one person who can’t say they have not/will not decimate a village. Preferably with TNT. You have powers and an infinite supply of materials. Hostile mobs don’t attack you unless you initiate the first hit, because they accept you as evil.

In Creative, we may just be Herobrine.

And here’s another thing we’ve been thinking about: With all these stories going around about why Endermen pick up blocks, I thought I’d give a different perspective. Actually, it’s just a collection of thoughts strung together over a short period of time. So here it goes:

Endermen teleport around the Overworld, looking for materials to bring back to the End. They can’t come into contact with water or sunlight, which are absent from their world. When they go back to their home dimension, they start building obsidian towers for the enderdragon.

So now that we have given you a few conspiracy theories, we would like to invite you to come up with a few of your own. What do you guys think? Any ideas you’d like to share?

Mass Produce Feathers

This is something that Jeb has been talking about. He recently posted on his Twitter account that “sometimes when I play minecraft and want arrows, I find it hard to get a lot of feathers, even If I have a small rinky-dink chicken farm. Any ideas?” And to this one of his top followers offered the following solution “I think we should be able to use shears on chicken, and thus dropping 1-3 feathers. I then thought about it turning the chicken naked, like what happens when you shear sheep. And over time, they’d regrow there feathers, and you could do it again.”

This seems like a pretty innovative suggestion, and it is one that we here at the Minecraft Portal wholeheartedly support. In fact, these two suggestions started an entire discussion on how this idea can be improved. One person stated that ” Chickens could eat seeds to regrow feathers. Then we will have something to do with the millions of seeds we never use!” And another stated that “How about Zombies give you feathers?” This question was obviously a joke. But one person took him seriously and said “I think the idea behind it is that the zombies eat chickens whole and they don’t digest feathers. Just something I’ve told myself” This is interesting logic to think about. Don’t you think?

Minecraft server tips

We will play games in daily life to get all the entertainment and fun for life.  Minecraft is enough to get all the required fun by the person who works in offices and all the regular wages for survival. Now, you can play so many games that are only available for gaming consoles before the invention of mobile and computers. Massive graphics games with useful features available for Mobile gaming. Minecraft game is also one game that is possible for the developers of the game beautifully design my computer game. You can download this game on any of the influential forces like Google Play Store for the iOS Store. Using Android phones, then it’s better to download the game from the Google Play Store; otherwise, I used to specify stun to download the game for the iPhone.

Playing games in leisure time always provide new help to recover mental health. Many studies found that the person who regularly plays on mobile phones are more mentally fit as compared to the other in the world. There are so many people in the world you want to play the game in an excellent multiplayer mode, Minecraft game is no an exception. All the games to play regularly Minecraft in the mobile and computers also want to play the game in a group on a multiplayer mode to play along with all the famous of the other parts of the world. Just follow the wall article to get all the necessary things to play the game in a multiplayer mode.

  1. The very first thing to do in the game, the multiplayer mode, is to visit the main menu of the game. You will find one option of adding the server in the game. This option will help you to add more and more servers in the game to play along with your friends and relatives in a multiplayer mode.
  2. Collect some computers to connect each other make the server on the Minecraft game. All the videos which are connected provide help in making the server for Minecraft game.
  3. You also free to take the help of YouTube and other outside websites, which is essential to make all the necessary information about the making of servers in the Minecraft game. All the videos information all the sites and YouTube given by the experts who have plenty of experience for making the server for the many games in the world.
  4. You can also take the help of some experts available in the local town who have plenty of experience playing the game in a multiplayer mode. Minecraft game also allows you to download some plugins and software, which is essential to enhance the quality of the server, which will give you all the Assurance of security while playing the game online.

Finally, I can say that all the lines given above are enough to provide you ample help in making them secure and safe server for the Minecraft game.

How to choose the best Minecraft server according to your requirement?

If you have the addiction of playing, the Minecraft games and you know the various servers provided by the Minecraft to have the perfect gaming in multiplayer mode. The experience of the gaming depends upon the type of server you have selected for gaming. The Minecraft servers are one of the best servers that can be used by you to use of tricks that you have learned for the better game play. You should consider few vital points while choosing the best server as per your requirement.

Get knowledge about the entry fee

When you are planning to host any server, you should first examine the charges of entering into the server. Some server does not require any entry fees while some Minecraft servers charge the specific amount from you if you want to join any particular server. The issue is not concerned about the amount charged by them the problem is money you pay through the online transactions. There should be reasonable prices charged according to the features provided to you. You should be able to get best quality and experience according to the charges paid by you.

Have to check on traffic

When have choose some servers from the variety of servers available now you have to analyze the average number of players involved in that server daily. The server that provides quality experience will have high traffic in their spawn area, whereas less traffic will be noticed in the moderate quality of servers. The Minecraft servers give you details about their current traffic as some servers show their maximum traffic which maybe not similar to the current traffic.

Check technical requirement

This is the most crucial point you have to focus, as you will only able to join that server if the technical specifications of the server are compatible with the features of your computer system. The Minecraft servers are relevant only if your system can manage the lag time, tools, and time percentage required to operate the game. You should have the complete details regarding the technical requirements of the server, and it has been updated regularly on time. You should have customization on the server as per your requirement as it can face challenging to operate on the default settings.

Access about several servers

It is essential when you are in dilemma of choosing the best server for playing the games. They are plenty of websites that can assist you by providing you descriptive details about the best server. By accessing the various sites and links, you will get the complete information about the most popular and demanding server in the market. Several servers are just used for the sponsorship for some new brands. The Minecraft servers are best known for providing you real gaming experience with excellent themes. You should also get the knowledge of the various rules that are necessary to be followed while playing on the server; these can be seen in spawn area.

Villagers not farming?

So I’m trying to make the fully auto crop farm. I have tested carrots and they seem to work fine – the villager farmer throws carrots at the villager and the hopper minecarts collect it.

However, wheat does not work. I know they can make bread with the wheat and throw the wheat but after giving the farmer stacks of wheat, they don’t throw wheat or bread during their non working time.

So is there any other way to make fully automated farm? I need a lot of wheat to sell it on the servers I’m playing. But I don’t want to like farm it by hand as it takes a lot of time and it’s super annoying.

Minecraft Server Issues

I have been trying to create a hamachi Minecraft server for a couple of friends and me. Now the server is working but they have a problem when they connect.

They are just floating in the sky, and F3 says they are waiting for chunks to load. After a while, they are forcefully disconnected, so something must be wrong with internet.

I have been looking everywhere for a solution. I have done this in the past for mod packs and older versions of minecraft all the time, and I have never experienced this issue with Minecraft.

We have already made sure, double checked firewall permissions are in order, we are connected and can ping on hamachi server, so I just have no clue what the problem is.