Food Source That Bites Back

January 24, 2023

Food Source That Bites Back

Alright, so here is something that has been on our mind for a while now: so far, all the animals that drop meat just run away (and not very fast) when you hit them. We think it would addition an interesting lawyer to the game if there were some rich food source that took a bit of a fight to acquire.

We realize that you could technically eat the rotten flesh or eyeballs of your slain enemies, but that usually makes you sick. And it isn't something we like to make Steve eat.

we are thinking of something like a deer, elk, moose, or caribou (really just a matter of size). It could be biome specific to one of the biomes that don't have as much food handy, like the tundra. We don't think that  it would respond to wheat, but might breed under other conditions, like after eating grass like sheep do.

It wouldn't be hostile right off the bat, more evasive until it's been attacked, like the ocelot. Once you've attacked it though, it would attack rapidly, possibly with the help of the herd, like zombie pigmen or wolves. Alternately, fighting one could just scare off all the others.