Getting Started with LAN Minecraft Servers: A Quick Guide

02. 12. 2022

Minecraft Server

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios, offers players the ability to create and explore vast virtual worlds. While online multiplayer servers provide a platform for players to connect globally, LAN (Local Area Network) servers offer a more localized and immediate multiplayer experience. Setting up and playing on a LAN Minecraft server is a great way to enjoy the game with friends or family members who are in the same physical location. In this article, we will provide a quick guide on getting started with LAN Minecraft servers.

  1. Requirements:

    • Computers connected to the same local network (e.g., home network or school network).
    • Minecraft Java Edition installed on each computer. Ensure that all players have the same version of the game to avoid compatibility issues.
    • A reliable internet connection for initial game installation and updates.
  2. Set up the Server Host:

    • Choose one computer to act as the server host. This computer will run the LAN Minecraft server.
    • Install Minecraft Java Edition on the server host computer if it is not already installed.
    • Launch the Minecraft Java Edition and log in with your Mojang account.
    • On the main menu, click on "Singleplayer" and then select "Create New World."
    • Customize the world settings according to your preferences (e.g., world name, game mode, difficulty, etc.).
    • Once the world is created, press the "Escape" key to bring up the pause menu, and then click on "Open to LAN."
    • Configure the LAN settings, such as enabling or disabling cheats, and click on "Start LAN World."
  3. Joining the LAN Server:

    • On the other computers connected to the same local network, launch Minecraft Java Edition and log in with your Mojang account.
    • From the main menu, click on "Multiplayer."
    • The LAN Minecraft server should appear in the server list with the name of the world hosted by the server host.
    • Select the server from the list and click on "Join Server."
    • You will now be connected to the LAN Minecraft server and can start playing with others on the same local network.
  4. Adjusting Server Settings (optional):

    • On the server host computer, press the "Escape" key to bring up the pause menu.
    • Click on "Open to LAN" to access the LAN server settings.
    • Here, you can adjust various server settings, such as game mode, difficulty, player permissions, and more.
    • It is recommended to communicate and agree upon these settings with the other players before making any changes.
  5. Additional Considerations:

    • LAN Minecraft servers are limited to players connected to the same local network. Players from outside the network cannot join without additional networking configurations.
    • Ensure that the server host computer meets the system requirements to run Minecraft smoothly while hosting the server.
    • LAN servers do not require an internet connection once the initial game installation and updates are complete.
    • It is important to remember that LAN servers are only accessible as long as the computers remain connected to the same local network.

With these steps, you can quickly set up and start playing on a LAN Minecraft server with your friends or family members. Enjoy the benefits of a localized multiplayer experience, where you can collaborate, explore, and create together within the Minecraft universe. So gather your fellow players, connect to the same network, and embark on exciting adventures in your own private LAN Minecraft server.

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