Jeb Tweets about corner stairs!

January 7, 2023

Jeb Tweets about corner stairs!

Jeb has recently posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “Some effects of a corner stairs test,

Normal shapes behave as expected of course, but I'm not sure about this…”

Since this announcement has been made my Jeb, the community has had a chance to come to a conclusion about how they feel about the idea. The following comment, made my Failness, got over 300 upvote: “People like to do complex shapes with the current stairs. It doesn't seem like a good idea to have the shape of a stair block change based on the blocks around it. Take fences in mineshafts for example. It doesn't look right that they join with the walls of the tunnels. There will be similar unwanted things happening with stairs if they automatically turn into corner blocks.”

So based on this comment and the amount of positive feedback that it received from the community, it would seem that Jeb's apprehension towards this idea was well placed. And when you really sit down and think about it, corner stair pieces would not add much to the game. We for hone have changed our stance on our opinion of this idea. We not think it would be best if this new idea were not added to the game. What do you guys think?