Mass Produce Feathers

This is something that Jeb has been talking about. He recently posted on his Twitter account that “sometimes when I play minecraft and want arrows, I find it hard to get a lot of feathers, even If I have a small rinky-dink chicken farm. Any ideas?” And to this one of his top followers offered the following solution “I think we should be able to use shears on chicken, and thus dropping 1-3 feathers. I then thought about it turning the chicken naked, like what happens when you shear sheep. And over time, they’d regrow there feathers, and you could do it again.”

This seems like a pretty innovative suggestion, and it is one that we here at the Minecraft Portal wholeheartedly support. In fact, these two suggestions started an entire discussion on how this idea can be improved. One person stated that ” Chickens could eat seeds to regrow feathers. Then we will have something to do with the millions of seeds we never use!” And another stated that “How about Zombies give you feathers?” This question was obviously a joke. But one person took him seriously and said “I think the idea behind it is that the zombies eat chickens whole and they don’t digest feathers. Just something I’ve told myself” This is interesting logic to think about. Don’t you think?