Code For Lighting To Be Rewritten

Recently, Nathan Adams, or Dinnerbone as you are most likely to know him, Tweeted that “Clarification time: I’ve not given up on lighting completely. We’re going to rewrite it, I just gave up for this morning.” And since, as we all know, the Minecraft community has been thirsting for a revamping of the lighting system since… FOREVER, this caused a huge uproar in the community.

Actually, the thing that people were most exited about was the possibility of torches to be held in hand. There are a lot of people who are hoping that the lighting will merely be a bit smoother than it is, although its better than it used to be, the current lighting is a bit slow to update. People also are hoping that some nice effects will be added with the update. No one is not expecting real time shadows(although that would be great if done well) but hopefully a smoother system that is much faster.

So there you have it folks: the community is excited about the hope that the lighting system may still be revamped, and there is a lot of hope and not a lot of actual confidence that this will happen. For the meantime: keep your picks handy, it’s gona be a crafty ride!